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William Hodney (1801-1862) was a Bancairn politician, at first member of the Conservative Party (1839-1843) and then member of the Labour Party of Bancairn. He was a member of Parliament from 1843 to 1855, and Defence Minister from 1855 to 1858.

Early life[]

William Hodney was born of a washerwoman, Florence Dublin, in Victoryshire. He never knew his father, and it is thought that he was an illegitimate child. He grew up in several places, notably Victoryshire and Howardshire. At the age of 13, during the winter in the desolate mountains of Victoryshire, he reportedly had a vision of Christ and became a fervent follower in the Christian faith. At the age of 19, he began work as a clerk in Port Henry. During the revolutions (1823-1825), Hodney stayed a pacifist, but would preach to the besieged citizens of Howardshire under the eye of the White Guard.

Political career[]

In 1839, Hodney ran for the district of Port Henry in the Chamber as a member of the Conservatives . In 1843, he switched to the Labour Party, and was re-elected again in 1847 and 1851. In 1855, he ran for the Ministry of Defence and won. During his term of office, he contracted tuberculosis and finally died in 1858.

Involvement in the 1846 Worker's Uprising[]

During the 1846 Worker's Insurrection, William Hodney engaged in talks with striking workers.