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Workers' Party of Akitsu
秋津労働者党 Akitsu Rōdōsha-tō
労働者党 Rōdōsha-tō
Founder Seijiro Kamikawa
Chairman Ryu Kurokawa
Ideology Stalinism
Official colors Red

The Workers' Party of Akitsu (Japanese: 秋津労働者党 Akitsu Rōdōsha-tō, or simply 労働者党 Rōdōsha-tō) is a Stalinist organization in Akitsu. It styles itself as a political party, but is considered a terrorist organization by the Akitian government.


The Workers' Party of Akitsu was founded in 1956 by a group of extremists within the Communist Party of Akitsu who broke away from the Communist Party. With the help of KGB spies and funding from the Soviet Union, these extremists formed the Workers' Party of Akitsu.

The Communist Party of Akitsu had preveously been condemned repeatedly by the Soviet Union for not being radical enough. Most notably the Communist Party of Akitsu refused to advocate for violent revolution and rapid transition to communism, but instead advocated a peaceful revolution and slow transition to communism. In 1941 the Communist Party of Akitsu was denounced by Comintern for having been "infected by Trotskyist thought, and was kicked out of Comintern in 1942.

When these denunciations failed to get the Communist Party of Akitsu to accept Soviet influence, Stalin ordered the KGB to infiltrate the Communist Party of Akitsu and cause a rift within the group. He hoped to draw Akitian communists to this new radical group and cause a communist insurgency in Akitsu.

To this extent a man named Alexei Luzhkov entered into Akitsu and began building relationships with extremist members of the Communist Party of Akitsu. He met Seijiro Kamikawa and convinced him to break away from the Communist Party of Akitsu. Seijiro also convinced some of his friends to join him, resulting in the formation of the Workers' Party of Akitsu in 1956.

The Workers' Party then conducted a number of terrorist attacks against various targets in Akitsu, including bombings of the headquarters of the Communist Party of Akitsu and Nationalist Party of Akitsu, and a number of attempted assassination. However, rather than inspiring communist revolution as the group hoped to do, it instead caused a Red Scare in Akitsu and directly resulted in a huge drop in support for Communism in Akitsu and the rise of anti-communist sentiment in Akitsu. Their attacks even damaged the Communist Party of Akitsu's reputation, and it took the Communist Party of Akitsu decades to recover from the damage inflicted to them by this.

In the early 1970's the Akitian government cracked down on the Workers' Party of Akitsu. Many members were arrested, including many involved in terrorist attacks. Some members managed to flee Akitsu, going to either the Soviet Union and later on the Kurdistan. Since then the group has been in hiding, occasionally attempting terrorist attacks (all of which have so far been foiled).

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