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Drawed Nelàm (2004-2005)

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Nelàm Text-update

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Latest Version of Nelàm

Nelàm World

First Version of Nelàm

Nelàm World

Uncolored Nelàm

The pictures shows the map over Nelàm. Orange is for Orcs, blue is for Humans, green is for Elves and teal is for Doxteria.

The Continents[]

The Continents are the two biggest continents on the world. In the ancient religion it's mentioned that the Gods created the continents for the workers. The Continents are two parts, the Orc Continent and the Human Continent, that're parted in a lot of countries and governments.

On the Human Continent you can also see two countries ruled by Doxterian government. In the ancient time, before the races was terminated into four superior races, the Doxterian race controlled almost the entire east Human Continent (Rekïr, Beäeïg, Coïë and Ÿaö).

The Orc Continent is mostly mountains and plains, some woodlands in the very south of Khâ. Most of the countries is controlled in anarchy or by simple war chiefs and shamans. The three-brothers countries are in a democracy government (Khâ, Thî and Prô).

The Islands[]

The Islands are mostly controlled by elvish democracy or uncivilized tribes. Ancient religion says that the islands were created for the Gods. The most special thing with the islands are that most of the are in a shape of something. It took very long for humans and elves to really believe this until their world map got official. See if you can find out what the islands are shaped as. Otherwise you can click here to find a list of their shapes.

The elves capital country is Joeq, where the superior Loyal Governments main building is. Every country has their own government, but works more as states. Changes and requests in the state countries wont be accepted unless an approval from the Loyal Government. Year 3989 (BÎ 191) Saka and Heklio declared themselves independent from the Loyal Government, which was the reason for the Elvish Civil War beginning. Year 4009 (BÎ 171) Saka and Heklio were once again in the Loyal Governments rule.