The World Shogento Federation (WSF) is the largest international governing body for the competition events of the Surean martial art of Shogento with over 130 member countries. It is the only shogento organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and has more than ten million members. The WSF organizes the Junior and Senior Shogento World Championships, which are each held annually.

The WSF was established in Surea on June 28, 1973, at its inaugural meeting held at Jisendang (聚賢堂) with participation of 30 representatives from the world. The WSF, which only governs the function of Shogento competitions and related support services, should not be confused with the World Shogento Headquarters, also known as Mudukkan (武德館), which is a center of learning and research of shogento.

According to the WSF, "Shogento is one of the most systematic and scientific Surean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical self defense skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind."

Organization Structure

The organisational structure of the WSF has diversified at various times over its more than 30 year history to incorporate the various changes, affiliations and associations over these years of growth. As of 2010 the organization is headed up by a General Assembly made up from members of the 198 member National Associations from the five world regions it represents.

This in turn consists of a WSF Council composed of an Executive Committee and various sub committees. The Executive Committee comprises a president, secretariat, and an Advisory Council. The sub committees are made up of various departments within the organization, including a technical committee and representative committees of games, women's, legislative, financial, medical, athletic and PR areas.

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