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The World of Ur by Tommy

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Ur is the Rauic word for Earth. The Raum are the inhabitants of Ur. The Raum in many ways resemble a human being save that they have feline features in their faces and limbs. The Raum are not catpeople. It is really a coincident that they should resemble our preconception of feline anthropomorphism. Presently, the world of Ur is divided into two nations. Two extremely powerful and advanced civilizations in eternal war by which many tales of heroism and romance are spunned. They are the Empire of the Sun and the Empire of the White Ox. The myths and lores of the Raum are tied closely to the lands of Ur and their rulers.

IMPORTANT: Ur Convention

The Two Empires[]

The central theme of Ur lies in the struggles of two cosmic empires.

For 50,000 years these two space powers had struggled for control over the local star system, which they called the Capital. Although both empires had colonies that stretched far and wide in the local galaxy they called the Jewel River, the control over the Capital is the crowning glory, for the Planet Ur is their home planet. And it becomes the sacred and the first and foremost duty of every emperor of the two empires to win over the seat of the Capital.


The holy scripture of the Raum is in the form of the Ur Kippang Ikhirar, which means the Holy Staff of Ikhirar. Ikhirar is the foremost loremaster during the reign of the Solar Emperor Hammoth II. The Staff is made of an oak branch, and the Rauic letters inscribed on the surface are terribly small, but still readable. It's well preserved in the Sacred Sanctuary till today.

The Staff tells the origin of Ur and the mythical histories of the two Empires. The myths had been transfered into book-form, and is available to every citizen of Ur for purchase. The book is called the Yellow Book due to its yellow cover in association with the Sun Deity. The book is divided into five chapters.


Raum means people in Rauic. To be religiously exact, the inhabitants of Ur are called Arraum, which means the Common People, for the Raum believe in the existence of other peoples in different planes of existence.

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