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Xelmac is a planet in the Gardubac System that most magical creatures retreated to after The Great Separation. The planet is about half the size of Jupiter. The planet is both similar and unsimilar to Earth. I can't tell you any more without ruining the article.

1. History[]

Since the first magical microbe and microbe that would evolve into humans was created by Jehova(God), the two lived in peace. There were sometimes tiffs, but they always worked them out. Then, in later years, things didn't work out so well. People began to hunt and insult magical creaures. They misunderstod God's will. God did not want humans to fool with witchcraft (dark magic), but they thought witchcraft was all magic. The claptailed dragon, the tarsque dragon, and the winged unicorn became extinct. In 856, the High Elven Congress (see High Elven Society) had enough of this barbarism, so they created the Bill of Separation witch enforced the creation of a planet for magical creatures who wished to leave Earth, a law stating creatures wanting to stay on Earth be invisible unless for justified reasons, the erasing of magic from Earth history leaving only enough for it to be thought as legend, and higher protection of non-magicals from magical danger. The president at that time created the planet out of asteroids, soil, plants, water of both kinds, and magic. Some kinds of non-magical were allowed due to feeding and conservation issues. Good wizards and good witches were the only humans allowed. There is a secret society trying to abolish the Separation Laws (see Reunion Omega), but until then Xelmak shelters the anti-reunionists.

2. Climate,Wildlife, and Place in the Gardubac System[]

2.1.Northern Polar Zone
2.2.Temperate Zone
2.21.Swamp Zone
2.3.Jungle Zone
2.4.Desert Zone
2.5.Southern Polar Zone
2.7.Neighboring Planets

3. Geography[]

3.1 The Demons and Beasts on This Map

4. Culture and Science[]

4.2.Film and Television
4.4.Toys and Gaming
4.6.Magical Technology

5. Government[]

5.1.The High Elven Society
5.2.Reunion Omega
5.3.Law and Law Enforcement
5.4.Sentience Issue