The Republic of Xorophaxo (Pronounced Zorofazo) commonly known as Xorophaxo is a country near the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. The Portugese invaded Xorophaxo in 1850 but were ultimately defeated by 1856. It has foreign relations mainly with Canada, Ireland, Iceland, Spain and France.


The Republic of Xorophaxo
Thre Republicxa fo Xorophaxo
Xorophaxoan Flag
Motto: "To Grow is to be Strong"
Anthem: "We are Xorophaxoan"
Royal anthem"The Royale"
Xorophaxo World Map
and largest city
Official languages Xorophaxoan, English
Demonym Xorophaxoan
Membership NATO, UN
• Estimate
• Census
Currency Xorophaxoan Dollar
The origins of the Xorophaxoans are linked to the ancient Spanish & British people. It is believed they arrived in Xorophaxo around 7,000 years ago. The Republic of Xorophaxo is a country near the United Kingdom, Spain & Portugal. During the 19th Century, Portugal tried to invade Xorophaxo but was held back. Xorophaxoan was first adopted As one of the original official languages in 1858. The reason extinct animals still survive here is because the native Xorophaxoans surpassed even the mighty ancient Egyptians in terms of intelligence. They believed that the animals that they were surrounded by would "die away" if they hunted them to often.


Xorophaxo has an estimated population of 71,655,000. Its largest city and capital, Lokoa, has a population of 11,478,000. Lokoa looks similar to Mumbai, India.

  • Lokoa City

Flora & Fauna

Xorophaxo has mostly European Animals but some extinct animals survived, Due to a land bridge.

  • Cave Bear
  • Irish Elk
  • Homotherium (Scimitar Toothed Cat)
  • Great Auk


The Republic of Xorophaxo originally used the traditional Xorophaxoan carved rocks but in 1940, they converted to the Xorophaxoan Dollar. It is on par with the Australian Dollar.


Xorophaxo is mostly grassland with the exception of a few forests and Mountain Ranges. It was covered in ice during the Pleistocene but it started to rapidly melt in the last 6500 years..



A space program is started, it plans to send people to Mars by 2040.

It is the 1st country to make smoking illegal.

Xorophaxo converts to Solar Only power, being the first country to do so.


It helped Ireland recapture Northern Ireland from the U.K.

It begins foreign relations with South Africa, Angola, DRC and Morocco.

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