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Yaamar was raised as a child in the city of Aariie, located in Sleevania. His father was the manager of a hotel, and his family was middle class. He went to an expensive school and it was seen that he had a lot of talent. He was always the best in his class throughout high school. When he was a senior in high school, he entered a law knowledge competition and won a scholarship to Harvard Law. He graduated from harvard law at the top of his class and spent the next year traveling around. But he decided he liked his home country, and returned to Sleevania.


In 1987, Yaamar ran for congress. He won an outstanding victory and took his congress seat. While in congress, he helped to create laws like the Stop Overfishing Act and the Air Pollution Act. He really made a name for himself. In 1990, when Veronica Thomsen ended her presidency, Yaamar was a natural choice. With great campaign advertising and amazing speeches, he won easily. He retains an office and quite a bit of sway over the Sleevanian people.