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Yaham Al Qarayin Masha At Shad, the blessed leader from the shad is the founder of Ramashic belief, the Shad started as the a mere soldier of Syalaani tribe, one of many Shad tribe a that time. Yaham, being very adept in social skill, quickly arose in status and quickly found himself a chieftain of the Syalaani Shad. Three years afterward, he recalled having a vision of enlightment from the Helvelaah, the forgotten true Father. Abiding his maker, Yaham began to spread the sacred Word of Helvelaah and quickly gains many follower. He united many Shad tribe one by one, thanks to his cunning diplomacy.

At the age of thirty three year, three months and three days. The warrior prophet rise into as the emepror of the Shad kingdom, and what quickly follows was a golden era of the Shad kingdom. Science flourish, peoples were prosperous and peaceful.

His success is also partly because of his skill in leadership, politic, and trade. The Shad kingdom began to expand further and further, corporating many other Races.

Yaham reign for fourty four years, four months, and four day, at then he departed. It is then known as the day of Ascension, the day when the blessed leave his body.


Although, Yaham did, indeed married a woman, by the name Samir Al Khama Tidaga At Shad, at the age of eighteen, they both did not have any offspring.

The twelve of disciples of him, six men and six women, later known as the Majestic, continue his success spreading the Sacred words even further.

With follower of approximately one billion of people, these days, Ramashic Belief is the belief with most follower on Aerosea.