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Full Name Yareli Maria Terraza
Nickname Yari
Race Witch
Birth date October 17, 1834
Death date February 15, 1893
Address Terraza House
Eye Color Amber-Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family All pre-deceased

Basic Info[]

Yareli Terraza is the last of the Terraza Family. She was one of the last full blooded witches to live in Eternity Valley. Upon her death she left everything to Sophronia Corti.

Physical Appearance[]

Yareli is a soft woman, all roundness and curves. She's always dressed in classi styles, and very very feminine. Her brown hair is naturally very curly, her amber-brown eyes hint at a heritage that isn't quite pure Witch. She's four feet, ten inches tall, a little on the short side for the period.

As she aged she spread out more, growing very fat, but never unhealthy. Her hair changed to pure white as she aged, and did so gracefully.

On her death bed she'd been losing weight for sometime, and so was at the lowest weight she'd ever been in her adult life, but still not thin.

Current State[]



She was very happy most of the time, but given to bouts of extreme melancholy. These depressions stemmed from the fact that Magic seemed to be dying out and she couldn't change it.

Her public face was always happy and generous though, except to the Shifters, because she didn't trust them.


She was the last witch of the Terraza Family, and lived her whole life in Terraza House.


Her maid was with her, her whole adult life, but she let all her possessions to Sophronia Corti.


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