Republic of Yatoroba
Рѥпублиха дй Ѣтороба
Bandera Yatoroba
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Ѕогпурънат, дехвйрь и лабѣте
Live, have Fun, and Love
Capital Koribyo
Official languages Yatorobic
Recognized national languages English
Demonym Yatorobic
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
Establishment December 22, 1746
• Estimate
271,702,330 (as of 2019)
Currency Talis
Calling code +98
ISO 3166 code YT
Internet TLD .yt
The Republic of Yatoroba (Yatorobic: Рѥпублиха дй Ѣтороба) is a country in the continent of Moshtho, as well as the major economical powerhouse in said continent.


Yatoroba has had the richest history out of the 5 countries in Moshtho, having been founded in December 22, 1746 as just a small conglomerate of people who had rebelled against the Narabi regime. It was not until May 31, 1748 that the country finally managed to independize itself from the Empire of Narabi, later starting a 13 year long war in August 25, 1770, by the end of which marked the end of the Narabi civilization.



Generally, American sports such as Soccer, Basketball or Baseball are widely practiced and enjoyed by spectators in Yatoroba.

Entertainment Industry


Zayats, unarguably Yatoroba's most popular animated character both in and out of the country.

Yatorobic animated films and television series are well known and popular in Yatoroba. Many of the more recent Yatorobic animations are largely influenced by anime and have managed to earn a good reputation in the West.


In 2019, Yatoroba had 271,702,330 living people, around 49% of which either have Filipino blood or are direct immigrants from the Philippines.

National Things

National Cartoon Series: Zayats

National Comic Book Series:

National Food:

National Animal: 

National Wonder of the World: 

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