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The contract between Antarctica and the Soviet Union on the procurement of new modern military equipment to Antarctica by the Soviet Union in the value of almost $ 20 billion. The contract was signed in Moscow in 1990 and 1992 between the then Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov and John Mollbridge. The contract is part of major reforms Antarticke army that start this contract. The contract is designed to involve the procurement of weapons for a period of almost 8 to 10 years and included aircraft, artillery, tanks, ships and against air systems that would significantly improve, but the old army Antarctica .

Contract Details:

Purchase of aircrafts:

1.150 pieces of MIG-29 to 1990 (Cost:US$6 billion dollars)

2.160 pieces Su-27 to of 1992-1994 (80 aircrafts per year) (Cost:US$9 billion dollars)

Purchase of anti air systems:

1.S-300 to 1992-1994(15 Batteries and 100 launchers for US$2 billion dollars)

Purchase of tanks:

1.500 pieces of T-80 (Cost:US$2 billion dollars full equipment)