Motto: State for the Humanity!
Anthem: Wǒmen De Guójiā (YinYangian Anthem)
Royal anthemGod Save the Queen
Ethnic groups 90.4% Asian
10.3% White
0.8% Arabic
.0.1% Other
Currency YinYangian Pound
Time zone (UTC-11)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy

YinYangia (YinYangiese: 陰陽国; Gāwudzánwák) (Mandarin Chinese: 陰陽國 Yīnyángguó) (Japanese: 陰陽国 Onmyōkoku) officially, Republic of YinYangia (YinYangiese: 陰陽市共和国; Gāwudzán sè Gùháwák) or the American Western Region of China, is a transcontinental island country in North America and Asia. It has maritime borders with Alaska to the east, Minecraftia to the south, and Russia to the northeast. The calling code of YinYangia is +1 999.

YinYangia has the highest standard of living in the world.

YinYangia is a member of the United Nations, NATO, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the Organization of American States.


Long ago, in 1100 AD, Gawudzan Chinese from mainland China fled and discovered an island on the Bering Sea. In 1641, the Qing dynasty takes control of YinYangia.

In July 10, 1799, the Qing Dynasty let the Gawudzans run by themselves due to cultural differences, and the Gawudzans established the Gawudzan Republic, under Meixue Tzenla.

It had an agricultural-based economy plan. It had one of the most arable land and suitable land for vegetation. It quickly grew to the top as the largest economy in the world. Immigrants from Japan and the Philippines fled here, seeking for a better life.

In 1936, Toralaq Republic was established by Tottomic residents in the Gawudzan Republic.

The communists overthrew the government and established a people's republic in 1956 after the Coup d'etat of Quanxin, but later in 1976, a coup d'etat lead to the overthrow of the communist government and was replaced with a democratic government. The country mainly focused on democratic socialism.

On October 22, 1999, the Chinese and Gawudzan residents of the Toralaq Republic overthrew the socialist government and wanted the Tottomics out because of how they treated the Chinese and Gawudzan residents badly.

A brutal war was fought and the Chinese and Gawudzan residents won.

After all Tottomic residents were expelled, the country's name was changed to YinYangia in October 23, 1999. It gained further recognition due to mysterious history and unique culture, and joined the United Nations in May 17, 2000.

Japan, South Korea, United States, Singapore, the European Union, and many of YinYangia's allies helped YinYangia with infastructure, military, economy, and many more. YinYangia quickly grew top from being a third world country to very rich, like Singapore.


The currency of YinYangia is the YinYangian pound (£). Its GDP per capita is $73,426, making it the seventh richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita, between Norway and the UAE.

The GDP of the country $19.962 trillion, making YinYangia the second richest country in the world.

1 US dollar converts to 0.1 YinYangian pound, as 1 YinYangian pound converts to 10 US dollars.


YinYangia has 7 states, Amrekshakir, New Kasukabe, Xiang, Utanga, Raismang, Xangju and Wangxing. All states speak YinYangiese, English and Chinese but New Kasukabe speaks Japanese and Utanga speaks Filipino. The total of cities is 195.

Wangxing and Xangju are geographically part of Asia, while the rest states are in North America.

YinYangia has some overseas territories. 4 main of them are Dongzhai Islands, Canzari, Xo'Yalli, and Al-Xalediyyi.


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The main terrestrial TV stations are YYInc TV1, YYInc TV2, YYInc TV3, YYBN (YinYangBroadcast Network), XCT One, XCT Two, XCT Three etc. The state-owned radio networks are YYInc Radio 1 107.1 and YYInc Radio 2 98.9. Film companies are DreamMelody Pictures, World Globe Movies, National Films, Yin Yang Pictures, etc. TV Providers are YangTel, RainStar, AT&T PayTV, etc.


The population of the country has 10 billion people, making it the most populous country in the world and are more populous than China.


YinYangia has 4 seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

  • Summer (1st April-18th September)
  • Fall (19th September-19th December)
  • Winter (20th December-20th February)
  • Spring (20th February-31st March)


  • Alcohol drinking age is 14.
  • Marriage age is 21.
  • Having children more than 10 is illegal.
  • The driving age is 16.
  • People should not go to Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and El Salvador. These countries denied entry for YinYangian people.
  • The age for becoming an adult is 17.
  • Selling pirated films are influentially illegal and can have life sentenced in jail for 2 years.


  • Most of YinYangia is highly urbanized. During the Qing period, YinYangia had few buildings and mostly was hills and mountains.
  • YinYangia is literally the country with the most skyscrapers in the world, Azara City, Azara is the city with the most skyscrapers, and is home to the tallest fictional building in the world, the City Tower YinYangia.


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YinYangia has 15 political parties. The five major ones are the YinYangian Imperalist Democratic Front, Communist Party of YinYangia, YinYangian Islamist Front (commonly Gra Xang, and running on Syria), Anti-Imperalist Socialist Party, and the YinYangian Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party.


  • The school week is from Monday to Thursday.
  • YinYangia Public High School, located in Jadana Town in Malodin, is the tallest school in the fictional world because it has 104 floors.
  • The school time is 8:40am-2:20pm while the average is 8:30am-2:35pm.
  • YinYangia has 32 schools around the cities.


The national and the most played sport on YinYangia is Cricket. Soccer is the second most played. YinYangia is literally good on countless sports.


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  • YinYangia's cars drive on the right, similar to United States of America and Europe apart from United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.
  • YinYangia's standard plug socket is Type I, similar to Australia, New Zealand, Mahri, Sentan, Vicnora, North El Kadsre, Argentina and Papua New Guinea.
  • YinYangia uses NTSC display format for TVs, Movies, Video Games and Computers, like the US, Philippines, Canada, South Korea etc. While a YinYangian station signs off, the test card is the SMPTE Color Bars.
  • YinYangia has six country-owned car companies, Danhai-Nexus, Power Xinzou, Speedsport, MachZoom, Wideroads and GO!.
  • YinYangia has its own operating system called "Lygo OS", founded in 1972 and it is the first country to have a computer since 1972. The first operating system was called Lygo OS 1.4, which was discontinued in 1977.
  • YinYangia's mobile phone company is "Primephone". The current CEO is Carlos Andre "Andy" Lagos.
  • YinYangia is the first fictional country to have more than 10 channels. YinYangia reached 10 channels in 1968.


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