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O Yunnavey Mühlka
Official Language Yunnavan
Capital Yunnaka
Government Absolute monarchy
Emperor Gelutete CIX
Supreme Advisor Amlitte Bäzirke
Area 467,480 km²
Independence November 20th ?, 235 BC (Divine mandate of the Gelutes)
Currency Yunnavan geluteng

The Empire of Yunnava is a country on Etienne Plateau and on the shores of Northern Saimen Sea. It is notable for its undemocratic society.


On 1st millennium BC, the Yunnavan-related culture in the southeastern part was flourishing. The traditions expanded to northwest, finally reaching Lake Yunna. The local chief approved of the southeastern model of society: landowning, temples etc.. He received a divine mandate from the oracle of Aunau in 235 BC. His land was named Yunnava.

The little empire had its good and bad days. Finally, the coastal kingdoms started to lose their position because of conflicts against other coastal countries. Yunnava annexed Paralya in 1832 and Sabuptara in 1856. Under reign of Gelutete CIII, even Varanna and Shalkanu were temporarily annexed, but later the conquests were reversed. The empire entered an unwealthy period, but recovered enough to conquer most of Häbräve Island from Anduar in 1980.


Yunnava can be divided to humid, mild and topographically differentiated coastal Southeastern Area and dry, cool, flat plateau in the northwest. Much of the population lives near the coast, but the capital, Yunnaka, lies on the plateau.


Yunnavans speak Yunnavan language, which is a language isolate. Most of them worship officially traditional gods, but the society is in a process of becoming secular.


The divine mandate of the ancient chief is still said to exist within the imperial family, and he has all the power.

The throne is inherited only by male relatives. The only thing, that the Emperor is not allowed to do, is to decide about citizens' marriages, and this includes his daughters and sons. Gelutete CIX, for example, married a Varannan supermodel.

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