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Full Name Zesiro Jagluiperd
Nickname Z
Race Lycan
Occupation Student
Age 12
Birthdate March 21
Address Berglas Family Home
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Family Kabecka Jagluiperd, sister

Basic Info[]

Z was one of the street kids that Adam Wakichonze picked up in the City. He came in the first wave and is pre-shift.

Physical Appearance[]

Z is small for his age, probably because he's never had decent food. He's got a scar running up the length of his left leg from ankle to calf where he dug out a gps tracker. He's a dark mix of black and Hispanic.

Current State[]

He's shy and scared of people who aren't lycans, but immediately opens up to any one who is. He's still frightened and afraid of the world.


He's generally intelligent and eager to learn about the world around him. He's never met anyone except humans and lycans. So he's cautious, but out going toward the others in the town.


He's an illegal alien, brought through by scientists looking to experiment with his "non-standard" DNA. He escaped from them, and has since been on the streets. His parents were killed during one of the many "revolutions" in South America. He's not even sure where he's from.


His close street "family" consists of his sister, Veronica Fox, and Guerrero some of the street kids he was last with.


To find his home.


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